Are you ready to take your Black Ops 3 zombies experience to the
next level?
Look no further! Welcome to the Ultimate Experience Mod,
the ultimate enhancement for your favorite zombies game.


The days of starting from scratch are gone. The Ultimate Experience Mod ensures that your hard-earned progression is seamlessly saved between games and devices. Whether you exit or return to the action, your level remains intact, solidifying your legacy and dominance.



Embark on an epic progression system that enables you to level your
character from a fresh-faced recruit to a battle-hardened veteran
Rise through the ranks as you earn experience points through
intense battles, completing challenges, and achieving victories.


But the adventure doesn't stop there! Test your mettle and dedication as you
Prestige not once, not twice, but an incredible 20 times! With each Prestige, unlock exclusive rewards, badges, and new challenges that showcase your dedication and skill.


For those who truly seek the pinnacle of greatness, we present Prestige
Master. Surpass all limits and stand among the elite as you attain the
ultimate achievement in Black Ops 3.
Command respect of your fellow
zombie enthusiasts as you wield the power of a true Prestige Master.


Every door opened, every round survived, and every game-ending
moment will be crowned with well-deserved XP. Forge your legacy,
gathering XP at every turn, and embark on an unforgettable journey
that transcends the ordinary.


This revolutionary mod introduces a dynamic milestone system
that rewards you with extra XP as you achieve Rounds, Kills, and

Each game you can reach these milestones again
and gain additional XP!

Conquer Rounds

Brace yourself for endless waves of zombies as you progress through each Round. Every Round milestone achieved will grant you extra XP.

Rise to the challenge and show the world what you're made of!

Art of Elimination

Each zombie defeated will get you closer to your Milestone Goal. With every milestone of Kills reached, you'll be rewarded with additional XP.

Whether you're taking down zombies, bosses, or special creatures, each elimination brings you one step closer to reaching your next prestige!

Power of Enchantments

The path to true mastery lies in harnessing the power of Enchantments that you gain by Pack-a-Punching your weapons.

As you unlock rare, epic, legendary, and even mythic enchantments, you'll achieve milestone after milestone, gaining more XP.


With the Ultimate Experience Mod you’ll never have too much cash! Because the Pack-a-Punch has gotten an upgrade and now you can repack your gun up to 11 times with exponentially increasing prices and damage.

With a total of 935.000 total points needed for your weapon to be fully
upgraded you’ll never need anything else in your run!


Strive for perfection by enhancing your weapons with the legendary Pack-a-Punch machine. Once you've upgraded your weapon, every kill you secure will earn you valuable "experience." As you gather enough experience, you'll unlock a new and stunning camo, signifying your mastery with that particular weapon. With 22 different camos, you’ll never find yourself bored!

  • Total Time Played
  • Total Games Played
  • Total Rounds Played
  • Highest Round
  • Total Kills
  • Headshots
  • Assists
  • Special Kills
  • Melee Kills
  • Equipment Kills
  • Total Shots
  • Total Hits
  • Total Misses
  • Deaths
  • Downs
  • Revives
  • Obtained Points
  • Distance Traveled
  • Doors Purchases
  • Perks Drank
  • Individual Perks Drank
  • Wunderfizz Used
  • Powerups Grabbed
  • Individual Powerups Grabbed
  • Gobblegums Chewed
  • Random Box Used


The Ultimate Experience Mod introduces an awe-inspiring feature: Lifetime Stats Tracking! Show-off all your accumulates statistics that have been saved on the cloud and shown in the Combat Records.

Beyond the thrill of combat, the Ultimate Experience Mod offers personal statistics. Compete with yourself, challenge friends, and compare achievements, making every gaming session a multi-dimensional adventure.


This game-changing device is designed to revolutionize the way you play and immerse yourself in the virtual world. Let's dive into the incredible features that make the Deployment Station an absolute must-have:


Never run out of ammo with the Buyable Ammo feature! Throw down the Deployment Station and buy yourself some Ammo!

Portable Wunderfizz

The Portable Wunderfizz ensures that on any map you can get your full perk loadout!

Cash share

The Deployment Station introduces the Cash Share option! Share your cash to help out your friends when they have been downed and need to get back up, or share your cash to buy for the buyable ending!


The Deployment Station introduces the Exfil feature. Once ready from 25, and then each 5 rounds, you will have the option to Exfil from the area.

Once activated make sure to eliminate the zombies as quickly as possible and detonate the M.O.A.B.

Rage Inducer: Unleash Your Fury

The Deployment Station introduces the Rage Inducer. A device that will enrage all zombies and makes them more aggressive. Zombies will have more health during their inducer rage so beware!


Four new perks

Unlock the potential of four unique custom perks: Real Steal Brew, Death Perception, Bandolier Bandit, and PHD Flopper. Each perk offers distinct advantages, empowering you to face the undead with unparalleled might.

And with more to come in the near future!

real steal brew

With Real Steal Brew, every point spent becomes an investment in your future. Enjoy a 10% return on any purchase made, from opening doors to upgrading weapons.

Real Steal Brew grants you a chance to double the points earned with every hit or kill.

Death perception

With Death Perception, you gain a supernatural edge that transcends mere mortal limitations. Your vision is enhanced, allowing you to see zombies through walls.

Zombies behind you will show an arrow, signifying they are closer than you think.

Bandolier Bandit

With Bandolier Bandit you’ll never run out of ammo.

The perk increases your ammo by roughly 25% and makes sure you are ready for another round


Introducing the Ultimate Experience Mutator Settings! Are you ready to shake up your gameplay and customize your gaming experience like never before? With the Mutator Settings, you have the power to tailor your game mode, enable or disable specific features, and tweak the game to suit your preferences.


Brutal Ranks introduce a fresh dimension of player difficulty to the mod. Instead of the traditional fixed difficulties chosen by the host, each player can now select their own difficulty level through the Player Settings in the lobby. Currently, there are 50 Brutal Ranks available, and more are planned for future updates.

Players commence their journey at Brutal Rank I and progress by playing on their current rank or lower. It's possible to select a lower Brutal Rank than your current one, but this choice will result in reduced XP gain.


Player Damage: Reduces all damage dealt by the player. Starts at a base reduction of 20% and increases by 0.5% with each Brutal Rank.

Health: Increases all damage inflicted by zombies on the player. Begins at a base value of 35 damage and escalates by 2.5% per Brutal Rank.

Points: Decreases all points earned by the player. Commences with a 30% reduction and progresses by 0.6% per Brutal Rank.

Experience: Boosts all Experience gained by the player. Increases by 0.5% for each Brutal Rank.


These difficulties are customizable on a per-player basis, enabling multiple participants to enjoy the game at their unique challenge level. For example, players can choose Brutal Rank 1, 8, 15, or 25 depending on their preference, ensuring a diverse and engaging gameplay experience for everyone.



In the Ultimate Experience Mod, weapons are no longer discarded or lost when picking up a new weapon. Instead, they'll be dropped on the ground for you or your teammates to pick up.


With Weapon Scaling, it ensures that everyone can dive back into the game with ease. Whether you join the action late or respawn after a tough encounter! Simply grab a gun, and you'll be equipped to defend yourself effectively.


A revolutionary feature in the Mod that is missed in the older games! Ping anything in the game, be it a critical spot on the ground, valuable perks, the Mystery Box, the legendary Pack-a-Punch, or even zombies.


A never before seen feature where a player is in full control over their in-game features. Enable or Disable hitmarkers, FX, XP Feed and much more right from the pause menu!


With the Random Box sharing you are able to share any weapon with your friends by simply knifing the box. They'll be able to take that weapon off your hands.


The Ultimate Experience mod brings even more content and quality of life
improvements, so that you’ll never feel frustrated again.

Co-op Pause
Buyable ammo
Points share
Exfil on any map
Rage Inducer
Toggleable settings for every player
HUD elements &
Upgraded UI
XP feed, Hitmarkers &
Zombie Counter

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